Never Run Out of Salt Again

A smart, level-sensing device specifically designed for your water softener. Get low salt level alerts, check your salt levels from your phone, and never run out of salt again.

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Check your salt levels from anywhere

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Meet the EZsalt App

See Your Salt Levels

In the home page of our EZsalt App, you will be able to check your salt levels quickly and easily. If the reading looks a little off, you'll be able to calibrate your sensor to improve accuracy.

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Monitor your salt usage over time

Salt costs can add up. This is why we provide you with the data you need to see how much salt your water softener is consuming over time. With this data you will be able to predict future refills and prevent waste.

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Customize low salt alerts

Our app provides you with the customization you need to make sure you never run out of salt again. Choose at what level you'd like to be alerted of low salt and how you'd like to receive those alerts.

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Running out of salt is expensive

Did you know that every time your brine tank runs out of water softener salt, hard water flows into your water heater, leaving you with hard water for up to 2 weeks after refilling your salt? Many people don't restock their salt until they notice the hard water in the shower or on the dishes. This practice leads to homeowners spending thousands of dollars on new appliances, fixing pipes and fixtures, and replacing their water softener system. The EZsalt Sensor prevents this from happening and pays for itself in the first 2 years of ownership.

What our customers are saying

The EZsalt Sensor is easy to install, easy to use and has saved me from running out of salt several times already. My water softener is so easy to forget about and this product solved that for me!

Brad S. St. George, Utah

I bought this product to sense my salt tank’s level from an app. It was easy to setup and works great.

Chris. California

This sensor is great. It was incredibly easy to install and set up. It’s a game changer to make sure I stay on top of the salt...

Austyn W. Herriman, Utah

Make sure you never run out of salt again

Running out of water softener salt regularly can cost you thousands by decreasing the life-span of your water softener, dishwasher, and washing machine. The EZsalt Sensor is a guaranteed solution to making sure you never run out of salt again.

2 Year Warranty

The EZsalt Sensor is built to last. But should your sensor ever fail or stop working unexpectedly, we will replace your defective sensor free of charge.

How does the EZsalt Sensor monitor my salt levels?

How to install the EZsalt sensor

Drill two holes in the lid of your brine tank.

Using the tabs on your EZsalt Sensor, drill a 1/4in hole through each opening of the tabs of your sensor. Continue to push the drill bit through the lid of the brine tank, using the tabs as guides.

Push the mounting screws through the holes

Included in the packaging will be 2, 2 1/2 inch screws with wing nuts you can use to mount the EZsalt Sensor in your brine tank. These screws may stick out of your brine tank so if you would like to grab shorter screws from the hardware store, feel free to.

Plug in your EZsalt Sensor

The final step is to drill a third hole for the power cable and run the Micro-USB power cable through the hole and plug it into your sensor. After that, install is finished! You can now use the app to connect your sensor to Wi-Fi and link it to your account.


If for whatever reason you're not 100% satisfied with your EZsalt Sensor, we will refund your entire order and provide you with a shipping label so you can return the device at no cost to you. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you have a positive experience with us.